Frequently Asked Questions

How many Junior Tourists are on any given tour?

To ensure the best quality program, tour groups are capped at 8 participants. Departures are dependent on a minimum of junior tourists aboard our virtual tour bus.

Which virtual platform do you use?

Touralingo’s virtual tours are live streamed via the safe and secure Zoom platform. Our tour guides are well acquainted with this platform and can support your child throughout the tour. Should you not be able to connect, Touralingo staff will be on hand to help troubleshoot. Before Day 1 of your tour it is recommended that Zoom client be downloaded via This will also allow you to test your audio and video in advance.

What will we need to connect?

• A desktop, a laptop, or a tablet work best. Your device should be up-to-date with the latest operating system and have an updated browser as well.
• A reliable internet connection that supports video-conferencing.
• Detailed system requirements can be found at the Zoom help center
• Before Day 1 of your tour it is recommended that Zoom client be downloaded via This will also allow you to test your audio and video in advance of your tour.
• A quiet area where distractions are reduced.
Physical space for interactive games and activities.

What’s included in the tour package?

• 60-75 minutes of live streamed, engaging activities per session
• Knowledgeable tour guides located in your destination of choice to facilitate each tour from beginning to end
• An excellent balance of learning and laughing that encourages your child to continue on their language journey
• Opportunity to practice language skills while igniting your child’s curiosity to explore other cultures and destinations
• Junior Tourist Certificate upon completion of the tour

Do you have a sample itinerary?

Who guides the tours?

All of our tour guides are experienced educators who are fun, animated and love to talk about their countries of origin. Their mission is to make sure your child is having so much fun, they don’t realize they are working on their language skills at the same time. Their goal is to impress that languages are the gateway to discovering other cultures and countries. This in turn, will encourage your child to continue on their language journey. Touralingo staff are here to support you every step of the way from registration through to connecting virtually on the day of your tour.

Are Touralingo Tours safe?

All tours are conducted on Zoom’s secure and award winning video-conferencing platform. We have access to Zoom’s tools and security features, and have a direct line to Zoom via our account manager. We are applying the latest security features. Your child will join the tour via their Zoom meeting ID, protected by a password. They will be admitted to the classroom via our waiting room and identified by our Tour Guides as soon as they enter. Users trying to enter who are not registered will be disconnected. Our meeting will be locked as soon as the day begins ensuring that uninvited users cannot join in. Furthermore, we disable private chat and the ability for Junior Tourists to screen share.

Does Touralingo offer any discounts?

Participants who can inspire a group to go ‘on tour’ with Touralingo receive 50% off an individual’s registration price. Participants who ‘refer-a-friend’ receive 25% off of their next tour with Touralingo.

This sounds like an interesting career opportunity. How can I become a part of the Touralingo team?

If you are 18 years old or more; have experience working with children; fluent in one or more languages; motivated to make a difference in children’s lives; organized; patient; energetic; reliable and ready to take part on a strong team, this could be the opportunity for you! All Touralingo Guides will undergo screening and training. Interested? Please send your CV to
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