Learning languages with Touralingo is your gateway to new cultures, destinations and friends!

Our Services

Here’s the scoop. Touralingo offers kids an immersive cultural experience from the comfort of their own home. Our virtual tour groups are facilitated in the local language of their chosen destination by knowledgeable and experienced educators from those countries. Touralingo tours are all delivered on a secure and award-winning platform. By connecting children to different cultures, cuisine, history and fun we inspire them to continue learning new languages to one day travel the world! Junior Tourists have so much fun, they don’t even realize how much they’re growing and developing their language skills.

School Break Expedition Packages

Looking to foster adventure and to help build your child’s confidence in communicating in different languages? Look no further! Touralingo offers fun and inspiring experiences for your kids during school breaks. Your Junior Tourist can embark on a week-long expedition by zooming-in for an hour each day to explore exciting destinations while practicing local dialects with experienced educators. This is also a great way to connect with other students who are on similar language journeys. These expeditions are best suited to kids who are already in an immersive language program at school.

Explorers: Grades 2-3; Immersion
TrailBlazers:Grades 4-6; Immersion

Once-a-week Wanderer Packages

Want to ignite your child’s curiosity to explore the world while supporting their language journey? Once a week, for 5 weeks your Junior Tourist will hop on Touralingo’s virtual tour bus to discover new countries and refine their language skills with experienced educators. These tours offer weekly exposure to the language, skill level and destination of your choice. Touralingo can accommodate an array of language skill levels from beginner to bilingual. Best screen-time experience ever!

PathFinders: Grades 2-3; Immersion
Adventurers: Grades 4-6; Immersion
Voyagers: Grades 2-3; Non-immersion / beginner
GlobeTrotters: Grades 4-6 - Non-immersion / some exposure through school

Custom Tour Packages

You bring the tourists, we bring the fun! This tour is 100% customizable to meet the needs of your tour group. Let us know your dates, how often and for how long you’d like to come exploring with us and we will strive to make it happen. Our virtual tour bus is a fantastic way for friends and family to discover destinations and practice local languages together. This is a fabulous opportunity to prepare for an upcoming family getaway. This is also a great option to occupy your kids and their friends during PA days when you need to work, and they need to play!

Teachers - consider inviting Touralingo into your classroom for a different twist on language learning! An array of language skills can be accommodated. Half-price discount for the participant responsible for inspiring their friends and family to join in the fun. For inquiries, please contact info@touralingo.com

Private Tour Packages

If you are looking for a 1:1 experience to meet your child’s needs, this is the package for you! Touralingo engages high quality, experienced language educators from all over the world. Let us know your specific needs and we can deliver. An array of skill levels and languages can be accommodated. Five, 1hr sessions minimum


  • Check out our interview on 105.1 CHOQ FM! 
  • The presentation about France was highly engaging and educational. Participants learned a lot of important historical, geographical and other facts in a fun, playful way. It was a perfect balance between historical facts and fun, age appropriate information. Also, the interactive nature of the presentation kept everyone engaged. As a French teacher myself, I recognized a lot of value in this approach. Bien joué, Touralingo!

    Happy Parent

  • This was a beautifully crafted presentation - it was very good because it engaged the audience so well ! Lots of traffic in the chat!

    French Language Services Specialist,Toronto Public Library

  • The Touralingo Tour de France program was excellent. The presenters were enthusiastic and made the program fun and engaging for kids to learn about France and the French language. The facilitator was amazing! Such a sense of humour and so good at connecting with the kids, despite being over Zoom

    French Language Specialist, Ajax Library

  • My son loves visiting France from home. After the virtual tour he’s always bursting with new facts and stories. He loves the games and wants to visit Parc Astérix and ride the roller coasters. As a parent, I love being able to focus on working from home while sneaking in a French lesson for my kid. I will definitely be signing him up again!

    Jane J.

  • I loved learning about new places and really liked the team quizzes. I can't wait to travel to France

    Kelvin B.

  • It’s fun to learn new facts about different countries and I really love the trivia at the end!

    Mateo T.

  • Touralingo really helped my kids hone their conversational language skills while also exposing them to a world of art and culture. Such a creative, engaging, and fun way for kids to learn a new language or practice one they already know.

    Annie M.

  • Touralingo's tour guide was very engaging. They managed to keep my kid participating throughout the session even though she has limited French

    Shannon F.

Upcoming Departures
Tour de France

Bonjour les amis! Discover the wonders of visiting France while practicing your french language skills. All virtual tours are offered in French and guided by experienced educators from France on a safe and secure platform. Vive la France!

Departures are dependent on a minimum of junior tourists aboard our virtual tour bus. Times denoted in Eastern Time Zone.

Our Story
Touralingo adopts a unique approach pairing tourism with education to ignite a passion for language learning and exploring the world! We offer an immersive cultural experience that enhances and maintains your child’s language skills while opening the door to the wonderful world of travel tourism. Touralingo offers a world of opportunity at your child’s fingertips. Our tour packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your family, be it to find alternative language learning opportunities, or to prepare for an upcoming getaway or simply to positively engage your kiddos during school breaks.
Meet the Team

The Blackburns

Founders / Creators
Hello from Canada! The idea for Touralingo can be traced back to our son. He really struggled when learning to speak a new language at school. His class size was so big it bordered on unmanageable and he simply wasn’t getting the support that he needed for success. Some days he really wanted to give up. We started searching for a service that promotes language learning in a fun and motivational way. Although we found a surplus of traditional tutoring companies and summer variety camps, we didn’t find any offerings that both contextualized the importance of language learning while developing language skills. The seed for Touralingo was sown.

Touralingo's approach is rooted in over 10 years of experience designing and implementing engaging experiential children’s programming. As leaders with Scouts Canada we’ve honed our skills to inspire kids to challenge themselves both in the backcountry and through online learning. We’ve incorporated all of this magic into what Touralingo offers your child today: An immersive opportunity to enhance their language skills while exploring destinations of their dreams!

Today, we work with a fantastic team of experienced educators and curious kiddos who appreciate that languages are the gateway to endless opportunities and a world of exploration. My son’s confidence in speaking french now shines through. Everyday he counts down the days until we can again travel to far away places and he can show us around!

Hope to see you on Tour soon!

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